Our Price Match Promise    

How does it work?

If you happen to find a lower advertised price on any item we sell then just send us an email with the link/web-address to the advertised sale and we will do our best to not only match the price, but beat it for you.


What parts are Eligible?

Almost anything we stock and sell on our website. The item must be the exact same item we sell, part number/color/fitment. The item must be in stock and available for purchase at the advertised from an authorized U.S. dealer.  We reserve the right to verify the information with the supposed dealer.  It must be a current sale and the dealer must be able to be contacted to verify pricing. Many dealers websites outdated and may not be recent in terms of current pricing, due to recent industry price updates.

All price matches will be given at advertised prices + shipping.  Ebay prices will only be matched at fixed prices, auction prices are not eligible.  All items must be in stock and readily available for purchase, if a dealer has an advertised price but the item is not available, then the price will not be matched.


What parts are Not Eligible?

We will not price match Ebay or other auction items,  group buy sales, liquidation or clearance sales, international stores, outdated pricing, message/email or phone/verbal sales.  We don't price match taxes, shipping, used parts, and web/user errors.  Also, if a part is low on stock or is has limited availabiltiy then we reserve the right to not match pricing.


Coupons and Approval

No coupons, discounts or other rebates will be used when price matching.  We also reserve the right to deny a price match at our discretion depending on cirsumstances.